La Mer Dubai

La Mer is a spectacular beach destination situated in the Jumeirah 1 region of Dubai. Developed by Meeras, it is a beautiful area for families to unwind and have fun by the sea. Indeed the name ‘La Mer’ can be translated literally as ‘the sea.’ Formerly known as the “Jumeirah Public Beach,” almost 13.4 million square feet of the area has now been transformed into a magnificent locale for entertainment with shops, promenades, restaurants and cafes galore.

Children are enthralled to participate in several activities at the ‘Laguna Water Park’ that has enlivened the La Mer beach even more with its spectacular artificial waves apt for surfing. La Mer is a visual treat with tasteful graffiti and murals dotting the entire area. Wooden walkways and palm tree-lined streets also add to the charm of the location. The architecture of La Mer has converted the public beach of yesteryears into a vibrant and colourful destination, thus turning it into one of the best tourist attractions of Dubai.