Help us to spread the word about #IAC2021 by using your network to increase the interest about the Congress.

You can download the IAC 2021 digital promotion kit with materials you can use to promote the Congress.

The digitial promotion kit includes:

– A6 flyer to print out which can be used to promote the event in your workplace, but also on social networks

– e-Banners which can be integrated to websites, blogs our letters in combination

– PowerPoint slides, which we encourage you to use to add to the end of any presentations you are giving in the coming months to promote IAC 2021

– Congress logo

Social media is another key aspect of our outreach. Help us reach experts in our field by adding the website link and the Congress banner to your Twitter or Facebook feed.

If you tweet about the Congress please add the hashtag #IAC2021 to ensure everyone following the Congress reads it.